Monday, August 4, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Sunflowers and Chiuso per Ferie

I love having a bouquet of sunflowers in my home during the summer. In addition to being a celebration of the season, they're such a happy flower. Of course, they make me think of fields of sunflowers in Tuscany.

Wanting them for weeks, I finally bought a bunch of small blooms at a farm stand last Monday. I love them!

Here's how I arranged them on my dining room table...

"The sunflower is a glorious, robust, dignified, I-am-what I-am sort of flower." Henry Mitchell

Italiagal: Chiuso per Ferie ("Closed for the holidays")

Italians tend to take the month of August off and I will be taking a blogging break. (Learn more about this tradition here.) Unsure of when I will return, it could be after the Italian holiday of Ferragosto on August 15th (which you can read about here) or perhaps during the last couple days of August. I won't be running to the seashore in this spare time, just embracing the laziness of summer. I also need to be productive as I want to get back into the habit of frequently applying for jobs in Philadelphia. Distracted, I had been very busy at my high season at work as well as quite social with friends and family over the past couple of weeks. In addition, for the last month, I have been dating a wonderful man. Anyway, taking a couple of items off my to do list each week will be beneficial. Have a fabulous summer! I hope you'll come back for reports of my summer fun to do list items later this month and around Labor day weekend.

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