Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things To Do: Summer 2014 Edition Mini Update: Eye Make-Up

I planned to experiment with new eye make-up looks this summer. Usually, I embrace le no make-up look, only wearing concealer, foundation and powder on my lids and under eye areas with a shimmery cream-colored eye shadow highlight under my eyebrow arches and near my tearducts. I finish the look by curling my lovely long lashes and applying black mascara. I am definitely ready for more, not only for evening, but to have some fun during the day as well.

Growing up reading fashion and beauty magazines, I have coveted the eye shadow palette from Urban Decay for years. I never investigated the price, writing it off as name brand, thus too expensive. With the excitement generated by the debut of their third palette late last year, I priced it online and found one of their cases to be only $54. (I stay out of Sephora since I don't have much slush cash.) During this research, I examined all three and decided that I adored the browns and grays and even a dramatic black of the Naked2 Palette. $54 is still costly for my personal budget, but I tried to work this particular palette's purchase in. Finally, with summer commission and switching wireless providers for a lower phone bill, I could squeeze it in recently. I was thrilled to see it waiting for me, its outer cardboard box sitting under my desk at work this morning. I decided to order the Naked2 Palette from Ulta where I get my facial mask since I thought I might need more (as my first tube is seemingly bottomless) plus they were advertising free Urban Decay products and always do free samples with every order, standard. Plus, the purchase qualified for free shipping. Score.

Soon after adding the second palette to my wish list, I also pinned tutorials on specific looks using my selection. I anticipate copying those, playing around, and going out at night with a finished, polished make-up look. If you have any tips for me or tutorials you love, please share in the comments section!

Here's to a shimmery summer full of exciting new things!


  1. Just discovered your blog....perfect timing as I am planning a trip to France and Italy, and all of your posts and photos have really helped me with planning the trip.

    I have just purchased the Naked Basics palette, and am looking forward to trying out different looks. I have the Naked 2 on my wish list!

    1. Welcome! That is perfect timing. What cities will you be visiting? Have you checked out my post about my last trip to Italy during March 2011? Bon voyage! And... Buon viaggio!

      I still haven't tried it out yet, but will post after I do. My other online purchase, blood orange syrup, arrived the following day and I've been mixing margaritas and having fun with that since! I'll get to my makeup this weekend...

    2. 3 Days in Rome, a little time in Florence (hoping to go to Lucca and Pisa), then to France to spend a bit of time in Provence, and ending with a week in Paris where we have rented an apartment.
      I will be checking your blog posts as I do my research. Your posts have been incredibly helpful, thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
      Diane in Canada

    3. Wow! That sounds amazing. Make sure you visit the Borghese Gallery in Rome.

      You're very welcome. I just spoke with my travel partner Elizabeth yesterday and told her how pleased I was that I could help people. Thank you for letting me know. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

    4. I agree about the Borghese gallery. So amazing.

      Unless there's s tong desire to see the tower or something in particular, I would skip Pisa. Admittedly I am not a lover of the torre, but I would suggest anyone not literally drooling over Pisa to spend more time in Florence or do Siena instead. Most of my friends/visitors who came for a visit and went to Pisa turned around in about 2-3 hours once the requisite photos were taken (or specific Palazzo Blu exhibit was seen). Lucca is a little bon bon of a city....so gorgeous and eager to be unwrapped.

    5. Thank you so much for the suggestions, particularly with regards to Pisa and the Borghese Gallery.

    6. You're welcome, but I actually wasn't the one who advised you on Pisa. I agree, however, as I did Pisa in an hour. I took my photo of holding it up, toured the cathedral, bought my tower key chain (that I still carry seven years later), shot back an espresso in a bar and then moved on. I didn't ascend the tower since the first available time slot was a few hours away. Everything I ever read about Lucca is what my reader said. I love Siena and also nearby Bologna.

    7. I'm glad you agree about Pisa...seems we're on the same page. :) It isn't terrible...I just don't know if I'd advise someone with limited time to visit. Lucca really surprised me...I went thinking "ok, another Tuscan city", but for some reason it really charmed me. Having a walk along the top of the wall was nice.
      I love your capsule wardrobes and Bookcase to Bar project :)