Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring 2014 Bucket List: Final Update

The spring of 2014 will be unforgettable for me. Firstly, always having daydreamed of being grown up, with all the sophistication, definition, wisdom, and confidence that it may entail, I had been looking forward to turning 30 on April 15th. To celebrate this special event, I managed to do just what I wanted, have an incredible trip to beautiful Paris. Then, I seized the opportunity to both celebrate my birthday and gush about Paris with wonderful friends and family for weeks. There was a lot of chocolate cake involved. I adore springtime in general and would love to share a bit of what I have been up to over the entire season.

In order to make the most of my favorite season, I created a list of fun things to do. Check out the details here. In this final update, I crossed the items off that I accomplished as well as posted a few pretty pictures. Let's see how I did...

1. Have an amazing birthday trip to Paris
Check out my French Friday series if you haven't already.  

2. Celebrate my birthday around here
Kate from Seeking Small spoiled me. First, she treated me to a delightful picnic brunch for my birthday! After our "30 is awesome brunch," she and her family took me out for coffee. She also gave me a pretty card, a chic notebook and a thoughtful Kate Spade candle (which I burn like almost every evening!).

Homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, mimosas, 
cheddar, parmesan, triscuits and wheat crackers
in a beautiful private park in the middle of Charm City!

I had so many more memorable celebrations, including finally trying the Maggiano's in Annapolis!

3. Arrange fresh flowers in a vase at home

Red roses I received for my birthday.

Dark pink roses I recently picked up for myself, just because.

4. Admire azaleas

Azalea bush in full bloom in front of a house in my parents' neighborhood, 
admired while walking Minnie.

5. Wine and dine on my balcony

6. Visit this particular bakery 

7. Give my favorite coffee shop a photo of me in France holding their card for their travel wall

8. Walk on the bike trail near my childhood home in the sunshine

Read about my and Minnie's walk in this previous update.

Minnie, the family dog, ready to go home after a nice, long walk.

9. Purchase a Roman or Grecian-style urn for my balcony as planter or beverage/ice/misc. holder

10. Start taking action to land a job in and move to Philadelphia

So, I did 8 of the 10. Without owning my own car, having a family that already shares vehicles, plus the fact that I hardly ever ask to borrow one of the Ford Escapes, it's a challenge getting to places more than three blocks away. That's why I didn't get to the bakery and my favorite coffee shop, both of which are located in different towns. I will make it a point to schedule a time to borrow a family vehicle so that I can patronize both sometime soon. Hopefully I can squeeze it in this spring, before the summer solstice which occurs exactly two weeks from the date and time that I scheduled this post. There's still time! I have a fortnight. :)

I hope that you had a lovely spring!

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