Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: New Hairstyle

Now that I'm in a new decade, I've been wanting to change my hairstyle and decided on a long bob with bangs. 

First, my inspiration found on Pinterest...

If I ever embraced my natural wave, I would have to have my hair look like this...

I'm well on my way towards this new hairstyle with this morning's haircut. My hair has been the same style for years. In fact, when I sat down in the chair with freshly shampooed hair, "Don't Speak" by No Doubt was playing. I informed the stylist, "This song was popular when I first got this hairstyle. Just sayin'." I do love it though. It was just below shoulder-length with long layers, an angle cut in front and with my signature bangs, swept to each side of my side part. My brown hair has never seen a drop of dye. I love being a brunette too. 

Today, I had the stylist cut an inch and a half off the length only. Now my hair dusts my shoulders. A classic bob cut around jaw-level just won't do. I still need my layers and angle to finish growing out, but basically I have a new hairstyle and it feels fine to try something new. 

When I flat iron my bob it will be smooth and sleek, nice and neat for the job interviews I hope to go on! I'm unsure if I want my bob to be longer in the front, which is a modern twist on the style. The stylist was in favor of keeping a little bit of the angle in front for a softer look.

Here's what my hair looked like one week ago today:

I feel like my angle was more prominent than this photo captures.
[Note to self: take selfie after applying a little lip color.]

This is my almost long bob with bangs...


Both sides are even; it's just one side looks longer than the other  in the pictures, 
probably because of my side part.

The shorter length frames my face stronger than the angle did. I look forward to my shorter pieces growing out for a blunt cut. Since it's shorter, it looks more full and healthy. I like it. It's a very clean and hopefully chic look. Above all, it's a change. 



  1. Looks good! I like it a little shorter. I'm thinking of doing the same thing and letting go of a little length ... I just need to muster the nerve! :)

    1. Thank you. My length's grown a bit since and I still want it 1/2 inch longer. At my shoulders, my natural curl has a mind of its own. I definitey need it a length just past my shoulders. I'm loving that it's almost a bob. Change was what I craved and still don't regret cutting it. If your hair is wavy or curly and you live in a humid place, my suggestion to you is wait until the fall. Having some weight in your hair makes it not so big in the summer.