Sunday, June 8, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Antipasti

Back in December, I had my two neighbors who happened to have lived in England and who understand [about the importance of travel] over to my home to share the happy news that I was actually going to Paris. I served antipasti, a specialty of mine, along with wine and champagne. I wrote about it for my first Simple Pleasure Sunday post.

Last Monday evening, I hosted them again to tell them all about my trip and show them Elizabeth's and my pictures. I served antipasti again since it was a hit and they had mentioned it was out of the ordinary for them last time plus it's just plain easy for me since I don't cook anything. This is what it looked like this time around...

I arranged red grapes, sharp cheddar, parmesan, proscuitto, triscuits, wheat crackers, grape tomatoes, red pepper pieces, along with four leaves taken from a bag of salad on a ceramic tray painted Deruta-style. In addition, I sliced some of a baguette and threw it a napkin-lined wire basket. I poured good extra virgin olive oil for dipping into a small dish. I also served wine and champagne again.  This is budget-friendly since I used what I had on hand. Proscuitto tends to be expensive so I only order a small amount like 1/4 or 1/3 lb. I was given a bottle of champagne and it had been chilling in my refrigerator ever since. I highly recommend a tray of antipasti either to start a dinner party or as the main event for easy entertaining. I occasionally serve myself a much smaller version and call it a "picnic dinner." Anyway, this delicious platter was enjoyed by all. We had such a good time. 

I recently pinned this DIY tutorial. Check out how quickly this can be done in its video!

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