Sunday, May 25, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Godiva Chocolate Truffles

I am so happy that I blog, and that I blog about simple pleasures because it's an excuse to make a beautiful purchase that just brings me joy like this one...

Behold the Dark Decadence Truffle Flight from Godiva.

When I was helping my mom Wednesday, Thursday and Friday following her surgery the week before this past one, Kathie Lee and Hoda had a segment on scoring all sorts of things for free on Today. Check out the video that aired on that Thursday here. Godiva boutiques apparently give a free chocolate truffle a month to loyalty program members, so I immediately grabbed my phone, searched for locations (here and in Philadelphia) and registered (and also signed up for email).

Later, I decided to take advantage of a different incentive, free shipping on one order (over the upcoming year) and ordered a flight of six dark chocolate truffles. (This is a nice occasional treat and different from the ones I usually come up with like a service such as a professional manicure or pedicure or a thing such as home or personal accessory purchase.) They arrived on Wednesday. Unlike a wine flight, I won't be consuming all of these samples in a single tasting. Instead, I will savor one a night over the next couple of weeks. When I took the picture late Saturday afternoon, I exercised some serious restraint around chocolate and hadn't eaten any, but am really looking forward to it now that the picture has been taken!

The chocolates are: Dark Chocolate Vanilla Mousse, Chocolate Souffle, 50% Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Lava Cake, 72% Extra Dark Chocolate, and Aztec Spice.

I hope you have a sweet Sunday!

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