Friday, May 16, 2014

French Friday: 30 More Pictures of My 30th Birthday in Paris

I've decided to post more pretty pictures of Paris next! Later, I will continue the series for a bit longer concentrating on a few particular subjects like how successful I was in packing for example. If you have a request that I elaborate on a specific topic, then please comment. 

The following pictures actually go along with this post.


Me on the Pont des Arts with the love locks.

Anticipating seeing the Eiffel Tower so much, I loved actually being in front of it. 
She doesn't disappoint.

View from the Eiffel Tower.

From the top: the city all lit up.

Elizabeth with the Eiffel Tower lit up.


The view from our favorite breakfast spot, a stone bench in the Louvre courtyard.

Me and the Mona Lisa
[I actually sent this photo to my favorite Art History professor.]

Me contemplating a masterpiece I happily recognized from my Art History days,
Old Man with a Young Boy by Ghirlandaio.
I was so absorbed that I honestly had no idea that she took a picture!

I dragged Elizabeth all the way across the museum to see this tiny Vermeer, The Lacemaker.
When you look closely however, it is truly beautiful.

I requested that Elizabeth capture the pour.
I previously reported that we enjoyed hot chocolate at Angelina on Thursday, 
but I think since I'm photographed wearing these sailor stripes that we did it on Friday. 
Learn from my mistakes! Actually write in the little notebook you take multiple times a day.

I love thick European-style hot chocolate.

 Elizabeth loved the Arc de Triomphe.

Sacr√© Coeur on top of the hill.

I loved this terra cotta-colored building that I recognized from Pinterest.

We wandered the little hilly streets of Montmartre. So charming.

Romantic ivy-covered facades.

Parc Monceau

 Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau, again.

Dinner picnic: baguette, Comt√© cheese, rotisserie chicken and red wine. Macarons for dessert! 
All on my pashmina/scarf that functioned as a blanket. 
My sister gave it to me and something tells me if I explained how I used it, she would have been pleased!
Thank you, Kate for suggesting that I bring a corkscrew!


Detail of a lamp post on the Pont Neuf.

Pont Neuf

The rose window of Notre Dame.

The stained glass of Saint-Chapelle.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Shakespeare & Co. interior, near stairs to the second floor.

Documentation of my pilgrimage to 81 Roo de Loo, Julia Child's Paris home.

Pont Alexandre III

Patrick Roger chocolate shop window display.



Without Elizabeth's beautiful pictures, this post would not have been possible. Merci beaucoup!

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