Saturday, May 24, 2014

400th Post: Grazie and Coming Soon!

This is my 400th post. I am pleased with this blog and hope you find it entertaining and inspiring. I want to sincerely thank all of my readers for stopping by! Grazie. Merci.

I especially love my two regular features, my series on simple pleasures and my mini one all about my 30th birthday trip to Paris. Because I am usually a woman of my word, I find that having the deadlines of Sunday and Friday commit me to posting and I feel good when I post often. This is a creative outlet for me after all. I highly recommend making posting a habit or setting a deadline to other bloggers. Since I truly value the little things in life and travel, I look forward to what I can share with readers each week. I can't wait until my Simple Pleasure Sunday post is live tomorrow, so be sure to return and check it out!

In addition to those weekly features, I plan on writing other posts. Keep checking in for such entries as my Summer 2014 Capsule Wardrobe and my Summer 2014 To Do List. I might not manage to publish them during this unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend, but may schedule them for other upcoming special days like the last day of school in the district I live in, Wednesday, June 18th and the first day of summer, Saturday, June 21st. In addition, I'll provide a final update on my Spring 2014 Bucket List soon. I'll talk about other topics as inspiration strikes and as adventure comes.

I have actually purchased a few articles of clothing for the new season's capsule wardrobe! Some of these items reflect that I am increasingly comfortable in my skin. I anticipate showing you individual pieces as well as how my style is evolving. Plus, since I have introduced myself by revealing my picture, I may even model an outfit or two! Now, I have to get to work deciding on everything and narrowing it all down!

Usually my seasonal bucket list items are quintessential things one should do during that time of year, i.e. 'hit the beach' during summer, and because I love celebrating each season I will install those kind of activities on my list, but I may commit myself to doing fun things not related to summer at all like cooking, baking and cocktail mixing. My Recipes Pinterest board has grown and it's time to make it a point to actually prepare a couple of dishes. Plus, I recently purchased a new cookbook and look forward to trying it out.

I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend and a summer to remember!

Here's to 400 more!

*Update: I actually managed to publish my Summer Bucket List this holiday weekend. That post was brought to you by caffeine. Thank you for treating me to Carma's Cafe, Kate (of Seeking Small) and G!

Image by Kate

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