Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring 2014 Bucket List

I was inspired by Oksana and her Spring Bucket List over at Foxy Oxie Supernova to create one of my own. And why not? I always publish one plus provide updates for the summer season and I prefer springtime by far! It's the season of flowers, cool temperatures and my birthday! 

This is what I plan to do during this lovely season...

1. Have an amazing birthday trip to Paris  

2. Celebrate my birthday around here
I have celebrated with my family, now I have several outings to look forward to with friends.

3. Arrange fresh flowers in a vase at home

4. Admire azaleas
When my favorite flower blooms, it is really spring in Maryland.

5. Wine and dine on my balcony

6. Visit this particular bakery
I did thoroughly enjoy my chocolate birthday cake with a pink Eiffel Tower drawn on it that my mom ordered, but I want to visit the bakery in person. I live in a suburban town where bakeries exist inside of grocery stores. Lover of sweets that I am, I appreciate a little independently-owned bakery. It's not bikini season yet...

7. Give my favorite coffee shop a photo of me in France holding their card for their travel wall
My friend took a couple of me with the card in front of Notre Dame. I am patiently waiting for her to send her photos to me.

8. Walk on the bike trail near my childhood home in the sunshine

9. Purchase a Roman or Grecian-style urn for my balcony as planter or beverage/ice/misc. holder
I have my eye on this small affordable one at Home Depot. I just need a car or a ride over there to pick it up. I loved that I saw much bigger ones in a similar style all over Paris, including lining the Tuileries Garden. The one in my budget will be a petit one, but I think it'll still be fantastic.

10. Start taking action to land a job in and move to Philadelphia

What's on your list? Here's to an amazing spring!

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