Sunday, April 6, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Flower in the Bathroom

I recently added a white rose in a bud vase to my bathroom. I was inspired to do so after reading this tip here. First, I trimmed the stem of a faux flower I had and then placed it inside a clear cut heavy glass vase. The arrangement sits on the sink. White goes with most of the decor in the bathroom. Most of my towels are white. I like a bright clean look for this particular room.

It is such a simple little thing that adds a pretty element to my bathroom. I prefer being surrounded by beauty.


  1. I love roses and white flowers are my a bunch of white blooms in a vase to elevate the way we live.
    I love a bloom or two in the bathroom as it really adds a touch of have a lovely mix of crystal on your vanity

  2. I like the way(s) you put that.

    I inherited my love for clear heavy cut (depression) glassware from my mom, who became an antique dealer. Thank you. I love that vase; it might be crystal. The coordinated bathroom pieces are plastic from Target long ago. The jar with lid is from HomeGoods. I believe that the little vase with makeup brushes in it is from a set of 3 from an arts and crafts store.

    After Paris, hopefully I can have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my home every once in awhile.