Sunday, March 2, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Taking Something Off My To Do List

I am a very organized individual and so I love lists, wish lists more than to do lists, of course. I also love scratching out items on my handwritten to do list or striking through them on my phone once I complete them. However, sometimes it's nice, freeing, to take something off the list or simply to do one thing good enough and leave it. It's almost like getting out of school or work early, you have unexpected extra free time, to do anything you want. Thus, this short and sweet Simple Pleasure Sunday post. I wish I could say that the time I saved by drafting this rushed through, fairly lightweight post instead of the usual longer one was spent leisurely, lounging around in a silky robe with a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa for example.

...but sadly, it was not. We are expecting a lot of snow here in Maryland soon, and so I had errands to run before its arrival. Since I had a vehicle this morning, I ran to the grocery store, then Target, then to have my hair trimmed, then once the library opened, to borrow a book from one of my favorite authors to enjoy while snowed in later, and to do my laundry while spending some time with my family and our dog. Not spending so much time on this post gave me a chance to catch my breath in between accomplishing line items on my to do list. I will probably continue on with my to do list this evening, but in a fun way, with a much-needed at-home mani/pedi.

Done. {ahh...}

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