Sunday, March 9, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Professional Pedicure

with my feet up on a Sunday morning

I treated myself to a pedicure at a salon on Friday evening. It was luxurious. I so thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Maybe even more so since it's a rare treat. I try not to spend since I'm saving for Paris. My last professional manicure was in October and it might be that my last pedicure was on Ferragosto in August; I can't even remember... That much rubbing of my feet completely dissolved the stress I felt from my busy week at work with rent being due, applications, move-ins, and off-site marketing. I chose a pedicure with some exfoliation, to rid myself of my dry skin from winter. I am happy to have gotten my feet and toe nails back into shape for my upcoming birthday trip to Paris, which is one month away today! OPI's Dutch Tulips is what I chose for my polish. They look nice.

Dutch Tulips by OPI

I traded the red I have them painted for this dark pink, both signature colors for me. This shade is what I selected for that manicure in Manhattan. Even though I give myself regular at-home manis and pedis, I so loved this particular pedicure and will try to continue to make it to a nail salon a few times a year.


  1. Love a pedicure and that shade of red is very pretty...OPI make great polish too.
    I am wearing Peru B Ruby on my finger nails this weekend.
    Enjoy your restful Sunday!

    1. Thank you! I thought "Dutch Tulips" was a good idea since I am so ready for spring. I love OPI lacquer. The only one I own that isn't that brand is "Mademoiselle" by Essie. I've gotten "Peru B Ruby" in a salon pedicure before. Thank you, it was nice to be pretty lazy today! You too!