Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Häagen-Dazs Gelato

Since I had a coupon, I walked to Target (in lovely 65 degree weather!) and purchased a 14 oz. carton of Häagen-Dazs Gelato after work on Tuesday (during daylight now!). The flavor I selected was "dark chocolate chip."

This was my dessert on Tuesday...

It was delicious! Gelato is more flavorful than American ice cream so this chocolate was decadent. The irregular dark chocolate shavings were the perfect contrast to it, crunchy and bittersweet to the smooth and slightly sweet ice cream. This is definitely for one who loves chocolate. I don't often eat this particular dessert so it felt like a treat. I suppose I'm ready for the food of warmer weather. Plus, I love adding as many Italian elements to my day as I possibly can!

I served my Italian-style ice cream in a ramekin from Crate & Barrel, which allows for a small portion and the size reminds me of a large paper cup you could order gelato in in Italy. I'm still focused on losing weight, but would never deprive myself. Moderation is key. I savored my little indulgence. I'll get several servings out of the 14 oz. container. Even though I am satisfied tonight, I still anticipate the next time!

And for a little blog announcement... I'm working on my Spring 2014 Capsule Wardrobe post now and plan to publish it on the first official day of the season on March 20th.

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