Sunday, March 30, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Ferrero Rocher

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It's so classy in its gold foil.

I love chocolate and so I enjoy indulging in a small piece of Ferrero Rocher. I might treat myself after lunch, dinner or later in the evening. With so many layers of chocolate and hazelnut, it's decadent and satisfying for such a little thing! I've been savoring these chocolates over the past week.

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While at the grocery store or Target, sometimes I'll pick up a small box to enjoy as my chocolate for the week or so. 

More so, Target tends to sell the three packs in the check-out lanes and I may pick one up there to add a little variety to my weekly chocolate stash or to serve a piece a person as an economical dessert along with coffee after dinner in small-scale entertaining. The packs are usually 99 cents.

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I've always loved chocolate but I started liking hazelnuts while in Italy because they're ubiquitous. There is also Baci (made in Perugia) which is similar to Ferrero Rocher, but its box features a dark blue color with stars like a romantic night sky and each chocolate has a little note about love wrapped inside. Instead of the whole hazelnut being at the very center like in Ferrero Rocher, the hazelnut is on top. Baci means kisses in Italian. Ferrero Rocher is just more available in America. Although I've seen Baci in HomeGoods most often. My favorite flavor of gelato is Baci, chocolate ice cream with hazelnut flavor and hopefully whole or chopped nuts mixed in. I also adore the chocolate hazelnut cake at Vaccaro's in Baltimore's Little Italy.

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