Monday, March 10, 2014

New Year's Resolutions Update: Weight Loss

I resolved to lose weight this year. Specifically, 8 pounds. Over the 9 1/2 weeks of 2014, I have lost... 6! I am so pleased with my progress!

I haven't been exercising any more than I have during 2013, but my diet has changed. As a result of trying to save every penny I can for Paris, I haven't purchased all the food and drink I've wanted including snacks and soda. So, all the carbs I adore are not often in my home. I'm sure cutting down on the caffeine-free coke is a major cause for the weight loss alone! I've actually been on a salad kick over the past few weeks. In addition to wiser food choices, I also have been trying to be better with portion control. Since I like to eat a lot and have grown up doing so; this is a major obstacle. Exercising some discipline, I have been eating less at each meal lately. On that note, for a dessert to lunch or dinner, I will only savor a square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate or a piece of Ferrero Rocher. I'm not often mindlessly eating handfuls of sugary milk chocolate. I also have a black and white horizontal-striped long-sleeved tee hanging on my freezer handle. (I believe horizontal stripes look best on a slimmer silhouette.) I am forced to move it whenever I open the lower refrigerator door and it serves as a visual reminder to eat less so I can achieve my goal. It's even more motivating that this particular item fits well in the chest and torso but is a bit tight on my arms. I need to lose some fat to feel very comfortable in it. [I scored this "French" shirt in my favorite color combination for it online at the LOFT for $15.89 including tax and didn't pay shipping! No longer available online, you might still be able to find it in a store.]

I would love to accomplish my goal and lose the remaining 2 pounds over the next four weeks before my big birthday trip abroad. I'll be the subject of many vacation photos and desire to look fabulous!

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