Monday, March 17, 2014

11 Random Facts About Me

The hostess of the humble bungalow has extended an open invitation for bloggers to share 11 Random Facts About Me and since she is one of my most recent followers of this blog, I thought I would say grazie by playing.

Chocolate Croissant

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I have an Art History degree and love to look at pretty pictures. However, my favorite artist, Bernini, is a sculptor. My favorite sculpture of his is Apollo and Daphne. I've seen it in person at the Borghese Gallery in Rome.

2. I rock out to music from The Beatles. This stems from my mother's love for them. I even attended a Beatlefest once where I sang Strawberry Fields with my cousin from Oregon and my sister in a music video. Thank goodness my microphone wasn't very functional. My favorite Beatles song is Michelle.

3. I've traveled to Italy 4 times, but have only been to the Northern half of the boot, as far as South as Rome and Pescara, not the Southern part nor the two major islands. Yet.

4. I eat chocolate for breakfast. For the last several weeks, I've eaten a mini chocolate chip stuffed Crescent roll with a couple of cups of espresso every morning.

5. My favorite toy was a teddy bear named Miss Bear. My paternal grandmother gave her to me on the occasion of my first Christmas. I still have her, although she's in need of "surgery" (holes need to be sewn up).

6. I do not currently own a car, TV, CD/DVD player/drive, radio, or stereo.

7. I have written that I have worked in a luggage store and now that that's over, I am proud to report that I sold Samsonite. I highly recommend their products.

8. I am 1/4 German, 1/4 Irish, and nearly half English with a little French thrown in. On top of all that, I am Italian at heart.

9. I have a fear of driving, but face it every once in a while. I'm even a nervous passenger! I can't wait to escape the suburbs and move to a city where I can rely on public transportation.

10. I idolize Rick Steves for what he does, inspiring and guiding people on trips to Europe. If asked who I would want to have lunch with, he would be one of my top answers and people that would come to my mind first.

11. For Christmas, my brother, sister and I did an awkward retake of an old childhood picture as a gift for my parents. There was 23 year difference. In addition to wearing similar clothing and adopting the same poses, it's funny because my sister's dress is in her mouth in both portrait studio pictures. My mother loved them and both the retake and original are proudly displayed in the living room. The retake turned out very well. I'm sorry that I do not have permission to share it online.

Like the hostess, instead of tagging others, I will open it up to anyone who reads this and then wishes to participate. Please link your post in a comment.


  1. How great that you played along! I feel that I know you a little better know having read your eleven things....that photo retake would make a great gift.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity. It was such a fun little quick thing. These were the first things that popped into my head so they probably make up a good study of me!

    That retake was so fun to do! When I was 6, I was wearing this velvet dress with embroidery at the top and I found a velvet tee in the same color and a statement necklace very similar to the stitching. I shared the original with so many salespeople in trying to hunt down matches, laughing the whole time. It was my idea and I knew that particular photo was the one to retake. I'm so happy my sister was such a great sport about it all!

  3. Hi Michelle~ I like your blog - you are always bright & upbeat. I admire that you enjoy and embrace your life- not everyone knows how to do that! I look forward to new posts- keep writing

    1. Benvenuto to my blog! Grazie! I do strive to be positive, even when life is rough. I think one should live life passionately and well, and I will document my attempt at just that here. This is a creative outlet for me and inspiring others is more than I can ask for! :)