Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter 2013-2014 Capsule Wardrobe

As a planner, I always like to publish about the current season's capsule wardrobe just as the season begins, but this time, I simply didn't get around to it. Instead, this post is inspired by Jennifer L. Scott's latest ten-item wardrobe update which I recommend you view here. I felt like writing about my own on my day off and this day of inclement weather (which is a wintry mix of rain, sleet and wet snow).

My capsule wardrobe for Winter 2013-2014 consists of the following...

1. Black cross-over sleeveless top with lace on front upper part from Ann Taylor Factory Store
2. New deep red sweater with entire black lace top portion and short sleeves from Ann Taylor
3. White 3/4 sleeve shirt from New York & Company
4. White long sleeve shirt from H&M
5. Lavender and white vertical striped long sleeve shirt from H&M
6. Chocolate brown cross-over 3/4 sleeve sweater from Ann Taylor LOFT
7. New dark gray glittery scoopneck sweater with keyhole cutout on the back from Ann Taylor

8. New deep red faux-wrap sweater from The Limited
9. Black faux-wrap sweater from Ann Taylor Factory Store
10. Purple v-neck sweater from The Limited
11. New short black pants by Alfani from Macy's
12. Dark gray pants from Ann Taylor Factory Store
13. New short dark blue 515 bootcut jeans by Levi's with buttoned back pockets from JCPenney
14. Regular dark blue bootcut jeans by Levi's from Kohl's
15. Dark blue bootcut jeans from Ann Taylor Factory Store
16. Brown wool skirt with line design from Ann Taylor LOFT 

17. Black pencil skirt by Banana Republic thrifted from Second Time Around 
18. Black flirty skirt from The Limited

That's five tops, five sweaters, five pairs of pants and three skirts for a total of eighteen pieces. I realize that this is larger than a ten-item capsule wardrobe, but this number has worked well for me since I work a full-time job with a business casual dress code and have a life outside of work including dressing up during the holiday season. For example, I wore that red sweater with black lace yoke and sleeves tucked into my black pencil skirt and felt sophisticated for Christmas dinner with my family. I also only do laundry at my parents' place once a week, so I need more than ten items. 

There are many new items since I bought clothes during November. Shopping sprees are rare for me however. I care for pieces properly and so I tend to keep things for awhile, for many seasons in fact, but do replace them as needed. I like white a lot which tends to discolor quickly. With so much wear, my last pair of black pants only lasted nine months, so I picked up another at the end of December. My button-down shirts and particularly my purple v-neck sweater that I currently own won't last much longer. 

This is the right side of my left bedroom closet 
which is where I neatly organize my capsule wardrobe 
and many of the extras like tees and camis. 
See it all!
I'm wearing my navy boatneck 3/4 sleeve tee with white stripes and bootcut jeans.

This limited number is made more doable with the following extras...

1. White cross-over 3/4 sleeve tee by Merona from Target
2. New reddish purple cross-over 3/4 sleeve tee by Merona from Target

3. New royal teal cross-over 3/4 sleeve tee by Merona from Target
4. Navy with white horizontal stripes boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee from H&M
5. Navy cross-over 3/4 sleeve tee by Merona from Target
6. New dark gray with white horizontal stripes boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee from H&M

7. Charcoal gray v-neck long sleeve tee from H&M
8. Black cross-over 3/4 sleeve tee by Merona from Target
9. Black scoop neck long sleeve tee from Express
10. Black v-neck long sleeve tee from H&M

11. New black henley-style long sleeve tee with regular ivory polka dots all over and black buttons and ruffle trim at neckline

1. Black 3/4 sleeve cardigan by Cherokee from Target
2. Ivory 3/4 sleeve cardigan from New York & Company
3. New dark pink azalea 3/4 sleeve cardigan from Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet

1. Black single breasted long wool winter coat by JLo from Burlington Coat Factory 
2. Khaki single breasted belted trench from Banana Republic Factory Store
3. Black single breasted trench from H&M
4. Black suit blazer from The Limited
5. Dark gray suit blazer from Ann Taylor Factory Store

-15 camisoles (including 5 of the same one: white everyday cami by Sonoma Life + Style from Kohl's, which I am slowly replacing with new ones of the same. This total number is down from 18 during the fall as I have decluttered and then donated them.)
-16 scarves (this is one more than my count for the fall because my sister gave me a black one with white polka dots for Christmas and I wear it often. I couldn't bear to donate one of my beloved scarves!)

-Black gloves (It's very cold and snowy this winter.)
-3 belts
-Many pairs of shoes including my go-to pair of black ballet flats with a patent cap toe by Naturalizer and tall black and brown leather heeled boots. That black pair of boots is new.

-1 new pair of black herringbone patterned tights 
-Many pairs of patterned black trouser socks
-Few other black, dark brown and white socks
-Bras and panties
-Jewelry including 28 pairs of earrings that have been recently decluttered, a new set of slim silver bangles, bracelets, necklaces and a watch by Anne Klein
-2 pairs of sunglasses including a new pair (one black and the other brown featured below)

This is what I bought to replace my long lost pair.

-Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere perfume from Macy's
-Patent wine colored handbag by Coach from eBay
-Black signature print handbag by Coach from Coach Outlet
-Other bags including clutches and totes


-2 pairs of pajama pants including a new pair in gray print by Gilligan & O'Malley from Target
-Black cotton jersey hoodie with full zipper by Champion (that I must replace with my next paycheck. This season's here. I tend to throw this on during the day as apron too!) 
-Sleepwear tees including a Winthrop [University] long-sleeve tee from Jansport, the thick material kept me warm on cold winter nights here in Maryland

I chose to share a lot about the extras, i.e. sleepwear, so you can see that I apply the same concept there as well. I don't own a large collection of anything. Only what I love and actually use. I often wear a tee for day, so much so that I kinda feel like they should be among my core items! It'd be nice to dress up more though... I'll have to try to remember that! I also wear extras on occasions. For example, on New Year's Eve, I wore the pink cardigan over a black camisole with my black flirty skirt and black herringbone tights with lots of jewelry for some sparkle and shine. Of all of that, the skirt is the only one I label as a core item. Also, I made that sleeveless black lace top work for winter by layering my black cardigan on top and buttoning it halfway up. I love a touch of femininity the lace (now peeking out as a neckline) gives. 

I know that the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, but here's to an early spring and some warmer weather! I prefer spring clothes.

...and maybe I'll be wearing a cashmere item next winter!

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