Sunday, February 16, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Pinterest

I am so completely addicted to Pinterest. As a way to wind down from a busy day, I love to look through the website. Finding an image I love is a little thrill. I've always been one to clip beautiful images out of magazines and I'm glad I can continue such a habit in a way that doesn't clutter my home and isn't so expensive. I easily pin using an app on my phone and Kindle plus the actual website on my Dell Mini. If I love an image or product that I find elsewhere, then I'll also pin it to stay organized.

At this moment, I have a total of 1,595 pins organized over 20 boards. In addition, I have 3 secret boards. Since I actually use my pins to inspire an outfit, copy a makeup look, prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert, and embellish blog posts, I find it easier to manage when each board contains less than 200 images. My "Home Decor" currently has a bit more than that, so I will redistribute some to a new board soon.

Since this is my 9th Simple Pleasure Sunday post, I will post 9 of my favorite recent pins.

I pinned this lovely picture of tea and chocolate cake to my Simple Pleasures board.
I found it by following Tina from EspressoInParis.

J'adore pictures of Paris right now.

I also adore the Duchess of Cambridge and her style 
including this very structured dress.

I strive to cultivate a classic and capsule wardrobe.

My current sofa is chocolate brown, so I love a sofa or small sectional in this rich shade.

I love chevron and mother-of-pearl.

This image I found on another website and then pinned.
I own a key chain and a necklace in this bow collection and only want more!

I love the color of her simple sheath.
I wanna be that tan and sit on a red Vespa too!

Another image I found while browsing online. 
I want to own cashmere during my 30s 
and this black crewneck 3/4 sleeve cardigan might be the item I wear most often.

If you liked any of these, then I hope you will follow me on Pinterest.


  1. I love reading blogs and looking at Pinterest. It is a guilty pleasure.
    Thank you for your recent comment on my blog, I am now following you.

  2. A simple pleasure, no need to feel guilty! :)

    You're welcome. I actually wrote about that mascara I recommended to you for this post:

    And welcome! I'm so happy to have you follow me!