Sunday, February 9, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies a la Mode

I just knew that when I saw this recipe on theKitchn that I had to make it!

Doesn't that look like the best idea ever?

I like that it's an individual portion as well.

As soon as I could figure it into my budget, I ordered four small round ramekins from Crate&Barrel. They are 5.5 oz. and 3.5 inches in diameter. They're nice and I can see them being very versatile. I need to buy more, four at a time at least.

They arrived before my Paris planning night with Elizabeth. After stuffing ourselves with delicious delivery pizza and wings, I asked her if she wanted to at least hear my dessert idea. The second I explained this wonderful idea, she wanted it too. I knew that she would like the idea though because I really think we've shared one of those skillet chocolate chip cookies from Uno's before. I was like, "a la mode" is French! (By the way, the pizza and wings (with wine of course!) we kept raving about was the perfect meal for the evening. Usually I cook or at least artfully arrange non-cooked Italian antipasti when I invite people over, but it was great not to take the time to cook since we had so much planning to do, which went well.) 

Instead of making the chocolate chip cookie batter from scratch, we prepared it from a Betty Crocker mix. (I remember baking from scratch growing up and as late as high school, but in college, mixes were easier and I haven't gotten out of the habit yet.) We topped the baked cookies with a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream. They were wonderful... You don't even need chocolate syrup on top since the chocolate chips are melted.

After rising during baking, I felt like the ramekins were much too full on my first attempt with Elizabeth, so I knew I wanted to make them again so I could blog about it for a Simple Pleasure Sunday post. I also wanted to be more exact about the process when I did share. So, I made them again last night. This time, I filled each ramekin with 1 3/4 ice cream scoop full's. (One of those "Trigger" ones that scrap the product out when you squeeze the handle. I use that for everything (to easily form chocolate chip cookie dough on a sheet, to ladle soup, and here to measure) and the one I was given by my German roommates in Italy in 2005 just broke. Target wanted $10.39 for a really nice OXO brand one, but I wanna comparison shop at Bed Bath & Beyond or HomeGoods first. I do use it enough to upgrade to that nice one though...) Next, I smoothed the surface. I found my fingers work way better than the back of a spoon.

After that, I baked them for 18 minutes until the edges were starting to turn golden brown. 

Then, you let that cool for as long as you could possibly wait. Try to stall at least five minutes. In that time, they fall a bit on the middle, just asking for a scoop of ice cream. 

This was my dessert last night...

It was, again, delicious. Even though it is messy, this is definitely my kind of dessert as I got warm, gooey cookie and cold, melty ice cream on each spoonful. 

Plus, it was a part of a sweet night since after reading through this list of French films (that Haven in Paris posted on facebook), I spontaneously rented Romantics Anonymous on my Kindle. This chick flick in French with English subtitles is about how a man and woman suffering from severe social anxiety fall in love. They share a passion for chocolate. I enjoyed it, laughed out loud many times. It was well worth the $2 I paid to rent it. It kinda reminded me of Amelie since these characters need to get over their fear and be open to love. I recommend it.


  1. These look delicious! And I love, love, love Romantics Anonymous! It was (maybe still is) on Netflix, and we watched it twice in one week we liked it so much!

    1. Merci! I actually watched it twice so far since the rental is for three days. My second viewing was to preoccupy myself so my nail polish would dry though. Like I said, my first viewing was perfect.