Sunday, January 19, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Paris Amour Body Lotion

I am so happy to be smart enough to stop and indulge in a simple pleasure today of all days and following this week of all weeks! You see, my sister is moving to Pennsylvania soon and since she chose to rent a small furnished bedroom in a shared house, my family and I moved her furniture from her apartment to my parents' place today. Although, I am keeping her loveseat safe in my home until I move away since I'd take better care of it as the family dog Minnie rules the house. My dad did treat us to a delicious feast, a platter full off food to stuff 4-6 people, at Famous Dave's, which is a barbecue restaurant. After arriving back at home, since I still had an hour until sunset, I walked to Giant and Target for some shopping, grabbing a few things to last me until sometime after my next paycheck on Friday. So, I am exhausted. My week was long too as I was very busy at work. Rents change every day and are based on supply and demand in the market. Since most people do not move during the middle of January with potential snow, prices dropped drastically and as a result, I was slammed busy with prospective residents, and luckily, applicants. I collect commission about a month after they move in, so hopefully that will add to my spending money for my trip to Paris in April.

It's nice to wash up a bit and change my mood by applying a beautifully-scented lotion. I just received this bottle as a late Christmas gift the Saturday night before last...

I love this Paris Amour body lotion and use it at least once a day. It's perfumy and floral, almost fruity. In addition to smelling decadent, it keeps my skin soft even though the air is so dry during winter. The bottle with a cover design I love sits near my bathroom sink. It's available at Bath & Body Works, a store I never enter so I don't get hooked on anything because I can hardly afford the cheapest lotion at Target. The lovely description on the back reads,

"Our exclusive Paris Amour (R) fragrance is inspired by a romantic stroll through the charming streets of Paris.

This beautiful scent is a dreamy blend of French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne touched with sandalwood and creamy musk."

It's a very thoughtful gift. My two friends (from high school) gave me this lotion in addition to two other items. One is a girly notepad with an illustration of a black stiletto embellished with pink ribbon. It also features an Audrey Hepburn quote, my favorite at the moment, "Paris is always a good idea." It came with a small pale pink pen with uniform white polka dots. The last item is a reusable to-go coffee cup with the same print. The Audrey Hepburn quote reads, "Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it's closets." As I was unwrapping them, I told them I was actually going to Paris. Before then, they only knew I was daydreaming about it and saving for it. It was the perfect gift. I use the notepad routinely now, but haven't used the mug just yet. Perhaps, I'll take some sweetened tea to work in the morning... The perfect presents were generous as well. I couldn't even afford to reciprocate.

Now, refreshed, I should come up with how I will spend my evening. Have a beautiful Sunday night!


  1. Bath and Body Works does have some really nice lotion but some of the scents can be a little strong. I was asked once at my old job to not use the lotion because the strong scent gave someone a headache. I was a little upset because I so loved the fragrance! I'll have to stop in there sometime and check this one out I happen to be in the market for a nice lotion!

    1. Do check it out. Even though it is a bit strong, like wearing another perfume, I still think it's lovely.

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