Sunday, January 26, 2014

Simple Pleasure Sunday: One of My Dad's Specialties for Dinner

My simple pleasure today was savoring my dad's homemade Beef Vegetable Soup for dinner. It was perfect. ...especially after a rather dull day of chores. I'll explain...

I've been pretty productive today... First, I washed my dishes while making my morning espresso. After applying my makeup, I also washed my powder/bronzer and blush brushes using this simple method, which I strive to do weekly now. Now air drying, I keep my brushes, my current favorite lipstick (Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey), and a black eyeliner pencil I never use in a little clear glass vase on my vanity. While getting ready for my day, I received a text from my boss asking if I could work tomorrow since she was sick. Of course. So that changed my Sunday-Monday "weekend" as I had to accomplish all my chores, shopping and errands in a single day, instead of leisurely stretching them out over two. I walked to Target and shopped a bit there, saving some money by using the app Cartwheel. I got everything on my list but one item, the e.l.f. Face Primer. I want to try a primer for the first time and this one's only 6 bucks. It's the second time that I looked for it and it's been sold out. Unfortunately, it's not sold online by Target. Oh well, perhaps I can try again after my next paycheck. Then, my mom graciously drove me to get my hair cut. Not yet time for a cut, I didn't get my long layers trimmed, just had my length shortened an inch and a half to shoulder length. I loved my length, but really wanted a bit of a change more, and apparently couldn't wait any longer! Luckily, it looks fabulous! While doing several loads of laundry at my parents' place, I picked up my library book I had placed a hold on, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway. After reading The Paris Wife, I cannot wait to devour this! In addition, I did a bit of grocery shopping, only a single bagful on my budget, since I had to buy a bottle of red wine a few doors down too! If the next week is anything like the crazy busy last two, I'd go crazy without it!

So, it's fantastic to have a warm, comforting meal on such a cold day. (We even had some flurries.) This meal was such a treat growing up. I've always loved it. Chock full of vegetables, just the way I like it! And I get to have more because after dinner tonight, I probably have a serving and a half left over. The weather forecast shows a low of 8 degrees F tomorrow night! After running around today, it's nice to slow down and savor this delicious dish and the perfect way to start a much more leisurely, quiet evening. A chance to quickly recharge since my Monday is actually Monday and not Tuesday this week.

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