Sunday, December 8, 2013

Style Sunday: Ruby Red

Anyone who walks into my home will notice that I love a pop of red. And anyone who's read my blog for awhile knows this fact as well. I've written this post dedicated to the color of Chianti among many others sharing my search for the perfect red dress/nail polish/handbag/whatever. On a lazy snow day, here's another one...

Still searching for a little red dress for my 30th birthday celebration.

Simple and elegant.

I bought this sweater and love it! I've worn it multiple times already, 
including out to dinner with friends on Wednesday night.

I used to own a red winter coat...

I adore ballet flats and this pair would be fabulous for the holidays.

The pop of red adds interest to a classic outfit. 
(Love the white shirt and herringbone pattern too.)

I love adding a red accessory to a black and white outfit. 
(I so want a white tee with black stripes!)
I like the idea of a red lip too...
I'll probably experiment with that during my 30s.

I've seen pictures of this "bearista" from Starbucks 
and finally saw it in person today after a nice walk in the snow for hot chocolate.
So cute!
Teddy bears were my favorite toys.

I always wear a scarf.
(Ann Taylor has a collection of bow items 
and I managed to fit this sparkly key chain into my budget.
I would love this or this necklace!
*Sparkle* is another post though!)

Can you guess what color scheme I have for my Christmas tree?

I have this red berry wreath on my apartment door.

...may your days be merry and bright...

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