Sunday, December 29, 2013

Simple Pleasure Sunday: Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate during wintertime.

I love it topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

This is an occasional indulgence. Usually, I grab a delicious cup of Starbucks hot chocolate to go, preferably walking in flurries to get it, but... I might have to purchase cocoa to make at home this winter...

I also look forward to having the highly reviewed hot chocolate at Angelina in Paris.

While waiting for anything but freezing cold weather to arrive so I could enjoy some gelato, my roommates in Italy introduced me to the very thick Italian hot chocolate at my favorite cafe, Berardo, located in the town I studied abroad in, Pescara. This treat is truly decadent.

I could also order this European hot chocolate stateside, in a chocolate cafe in Philadelphia. It changed names and management from Naked Chocolate Cafe to Philly Chocolate. Right after I was last there, a year ago now, the new place changed locations from Walnut Street to South Street. Hopefully I'll move back and patronize it regularly!

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