Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From Santa

A gift and poem were left at the Leasing Office front door this morning. Both are signed, "Santa" but I know who it is. As beautiful as the cozy sparkly turtleneck sweater, necklace and two pairs of earrings are, I find the poem truly thoughtful and especially supportive.

It reads...

Dear Michelle,

Your good deeds have continued
I can easily see
And you know how important
That is to me.

I hear your cheerful voice
Answer the office phone
Always with excitement
Never a moan or groan,

You help with contests,
Answer questions and offer advice,
Basically, to each and everyone
You are simply nice.

I learned - in 2014
from a "little birdie,"
There's something special happening
You turn the big thirty!

Life can't be only about
Going to a job paying a bill,
It has to include meeting new people
Or learning a new skill.

I promise jobs and bills
Will always be there
Now you have to work on
Setting personal goals, my dear.

You have to develop your potential.
You have to help yourself grow.
Take trips, visit museums,
Workout or go to a show.

I was glad to see
You went to New York City
That you don't do it more
Is the pity!

Going to Europe
Is a great start,
Keep the ball rolling
I advise from my heart.

Consider your interests and skills,
Be very smart
Explore career options - from managing apartments
To selling fine art.

In order to win the
job-search fight
Each week schedule web time
To visit a career site.

Year twenty-fourteen
Will be exciting and new
You will find fun and adventure
In the new things you do.

As always, I'll be watching
Over very special you
And rooting for you
In everything you pursue.

For my reindeers and me
It's back to the North Pole.
I wish you a Merry Christmas
From my heart and my soul.



  1. That is awesome, and incredibly thoughtful.

    1. Isn't it? I love it!

      Encouragement is underrated ...or perhaps this Miss Independent can be a true friend to others but tends to only show off the final product herself, taught to handle things herself so she doesn't depend upon others to build confidence and not wanting to complain so she doesn't open up and share the gritty details. When you open up, then the resulting support helps, motivates, inspires...

      ...and you should hear me answer the phone at work, I sound so excited, like each caller just made my week! And selling homes for a living, I strive to create a nice and welcoming atmosphere.

  2. What a nice poem to find at your door!