Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style Sunday: Yet Another Shopping Spree: The Finale

My mom and I went shopping and out to lunch on Monday.

Our first stop was H&M. I picked up two pieces, both charcoal gray! One was this pencil skirt...

I scored it for just $24.95! This will go with my blazer of the same color, so I now have a skirt suit that isn't black! I've had this piece at the back in my mind for awhile now. With this purchase, I have even more options to embrace my femininity at work, not just when I go out or have the day off. 

I also bought a tee with sheer parts at the top, front and on the sleeves. I love a sheer element. The tee's mesh part is embellished with simplified floral appliques. I appreciate the pretty details in this casual tee. I've tried this shirt on in different colors and sleeve lengths, but this one was the one for me.

Even though Macy's has now earned a special place in her heart, my mom still loves JCPenney. Plus, since she clipped a coupon for her beloved store, we each picked up a pair of blue jeans there. I got a pair of Levi's 515 Bootcut jeans in a very dark wash. (This brand is an exclusion for the coupon.) The pair happens to have a flap pinned down by a button over each of the back pockets. The pewter-colored stitching blends in with the material; it's not that copper-colored thread. They're "short" so the perfect length to go with ballet flats. This replaces my short pair of 515s in a wash a few shades lighter than my new pair and featuring flat studs on the open back pockets that I've owned for about three years. They were worn down and past their prime since I wore them most often. While it's nice to try new things, it's so fantastic to have a "go-to" when you need a pair of jeans! 

Don't miss part one and two of my fabulous flurry of recent shopping! While clothes shopping on these three days, I focused on feminine details. Maybe it's because of my style icon the Duchess of Cambridge and her ladylike look or the fact that I may have grown a bit bored with a closet (half) full of classic yet plain pieces, but I think my style is evolving towards the feminine. I've wanted to embrace my femininity, with dressing more womanly at the top of the list. Sure, that does mean wearing dresses and skirts more, but I had a revelation that pretty details on a shirt and/or pant could achieve a girly look as well. I'm happy that I picked up items with special touches like ruffles, polka dots, lace, floral appliques and a keyhole cutout. When I reveal my capsule wardrobe, it might be nice to show off beautiful pieces instead of just another white tee, black tee, pair of bootcut blue jeans and pair of black pants. I still love these pieces and the idea of a understated uniform,'s just really fantastic to have new clothes!

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