Sunday, November 3, 2013

Style Sunday: Shopping Spree ...and my Spontaneous Sunday

I had such a wonderful day today!

I started off my day walking to Target, which is located just a block away from my apartment community. Among the items I needed, I also treated myself to these two pieces for my home...

I love quatrefoils.
I haven't decided which recent photo to feature yet.

I love chevron as well. 
I've wanted something with this pattern on it for awhile now. 
Finally, the perfect piece came along!
This votive candle holder will be nice to use when I entertain.

I spontaneously decided to visit downtown Baltimore for some shopping today. Since I remain without a car that moves very far, I hopped on a local bus and then boarded the light rail to go into the city. Instead of walking a few city blocks, the free shuttle, the Charm City Circulator (specifically the Orange Line) delivered me to the tourist destination Harborplace and a small four-story mall, The Gallery. Arriving just before the stores opened in The Gallery, I wasted some time by sitting down and sipping a hot chocolate from Starbucks. I also "checked in" on Facebook. Soon after, my friend Kate (from Une Vie Chic) noticed I was in town and asked me to go out for coffee or other afternoon activity. While I shopped, we texted our plan to meet. 

First, I bought this long-sleeve ruffled v-neck black tee with ivory polka dots at LOFT...

The ruffles and v-neck accentuate my figure. 
It's a fun and feminine option to bum around my apartment on my day off.

Next, I visited Ann Taylor where I purchased this sweater that piqued my interest online...

This dark grey scoop-neck sweater has metallic thread running throughout. 
It also features a keyhole on the back...

It'll be nice to have a sparkly selection for the upcoming holiday season.

After that, I browsed Victoria's Secret and Francesca's Collections but left those stores empty-handed. Leaving The Gallery, I crossed the street and walked through the couple of buildings that make up Harborplace. There, I tried on that ruby bracelet I fell in love with last December at my favorite jewelry store Fire & Ice. The dark pink oval tennis bracelet was still stunningly beautiful. Again, with a $265 price tag, I left the bracelet behind. I can't find it online to share what it looks like. I should have taken a picture! 

Next, I visited H&M. They still don't have this "white/striped" shirt available in stores or online! So instead, I picked up this similar boat-neck one with sailor stripes...

It's a charcoal gray 3/4-sleeve tee with white stripes.
I already own one in navy.
So very French for fall.

While waiting for Kate, I sat in the sunshine and crisp fall weather and watched pirates on a ship armed with water guns sail around the "Inner Harbor." Someone aboard "Fearless" instructed the rest of the crew to yell "Arrrgh!" and they did with enthusiasm. I issued Kate fair warning as she arrived at Fire & Ice where I met her and modeled "my" bracelet. 

The two of us ended up at Vaccaro's in Little Italy. We each indulged in a cappuccino crafted with impressive froth and split a slice of the chocolate hazelnut cake I love. The cake was delicious! With similar blogs, Kate and I share a number of things in common, so it was fun talking.

After getting home, I called my college roommate B back. It was so great catching up with her as well!

I rarely buy clothes due to being so poor. For example, the last time this much money was spent on my clothing was for my April birthday! I thoroughly relished this shopping spree! Hopefully, I can buy another item at another store I love, The Limited, if I can manage to make it to a location. 

I also love that I picked up pieces with feminine details... ruffles, polka dots, sparkle, a keyhole cutout... I have been wanting to embrace my femininity more lately. Next up... peplum! Stay tuned!


  1. Love the frame! And I love me some chevron. I'm so glad I texted to see if you wanted to meet up. So nice to walk around there (even if I'm paying for the walking in heels today!).

    1. Thanks, isn't it great? I finally found a chevron piece I love and would actually use. I usually light a votive candle or tealight or two or three when I have company. It's more modern than my antique punch glasses I regularly use as candle holders.

      It was so great to hang out, even if we were among the tourists of the area. Did you buy anything at The Gallery after I left?

    2. Yes, bought a striped french style shirt for Nora and a cozy grey sweatshirt type sweater for me (simple, pale grey) for cozy coffee time.