Sunday, November 10, 2013

Style Sunday: Another Shopping Spree

I know I treated myself well last Sunday ...and I've only continued to do so! Unaccustomed to spending much at all, the past week feels like a major event of the year for me. I proclaim it Early November Shopping Spree.

One weeknight, I ordered the following two items online...

First, I purchased this rug for my balcony that has been on my wishlist for 18 months...

I know this is only about $40 but I just didn't have that extra cash until now.

Here's a detail of the quatrefoils...

...and how it looks on my balcony...

I selected the 2'7" x 4'11" size which fits perfectly under a bistro set.
I love it!

Lots of room for terra cotta potted plants for spring, summer and fall.
(Snow is in the forecast, so winter's coming to Maryland soon. 
I guess I could leave them out, but I just brought in my dark pink azalea and red geranium. 
Intended for my kitchen window sill, I will probably replant my basil later today.)

Second, I also ordered these tall black boots that I tried on while in New York...

These look so good on me! I've been wanting a pair forever too! It's increasingly difficult to get me out of my ballet flats, but I love the skinny and tall heel! Macy's offered multiple discounts, making these a wonderful value.

I also went shopping in a mall today and bought...

Both the color and cut truly flatter me. The wrap style shows off the curves in an hourglass figure. The ruching camouflages my muffin top. Plus, the length fits my longer-than-average torso perfectly. Even though the neckline is not very neat, it's nice to own something different... I need a camisole underneath, but I often wear one anyway. 

With a long necklace, this dress is even more flattering for two reasons. For one, it will draw the eye up and down for a long and lean look. And two, it will break up all that patterned black. I'm thinking... strings of pearls.

Also very flattering, the ribbon emphasizes my small waist. I love lace for a feminine look. The scalloped hem at the bottom is ladylike too! I had tried this on awhile ago and so wish I had bought it for a banquet in October! However, it pays to wait; I scored 40% [each item] today when it may have been less when it premiered.

I also picked up tights from The Limited and LOFT. I've never worn tights before... I haven't tried these on yet...

Turns out I'm drawn to classic patterns such as chevron and herringbone.

Wish me luck! Everyone else raves about tights, so why not? I plan to play it safe at first, these will only peek out at my knees, between my new tall black boots and a skirt or dress. LOFT currently has tights at 2 for $20.

My mom and I plan to spend the day together tomorrow. She knew I wanted to buy myself some winter wardrobe pieces, so shopping was on the itinerary ...but it might be more browsing now, if at all. I only entered a couple of stores, so there are plenty left. We could do anything now! I did plan to wait to go shopping, but I was in the area ...and... it just kinda happened... 

I am so happy with my new stuff! I truly look forward to enjoying these long-awaited items. Finally. It's also fantastic to try new things and see my style evolve in just a couple of shopping trips and online orders.

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