Monday, November 11, 2013

Please Write a Review

I spent about 45 minutes in my favorite coffee shop yesterday morning, indulging in a large cappuccino served in a mug (rather than the more American 'to go' cup) and a chocolate croissant while reading my library book Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining and Romancing Like the French by Harriet Welty Rochefort and browsing Pinterest on my smartphone. I thoroughly enjoy my special "me time" and simply adore this particular place. (For safety reasons, at this time, I'd rather not advertise here where I am about every other Sunday morning or so.) I routinely return for the delicious food and drink, but also for the wonderful atmosphere. There are pictures of patrons some place else, all over the world, holding a company gift card posted on one wall. I love this international touch, but there are more daily and weekly postings of things around that I haven't paid much attention to yet. Even though I am in my own little world the majority of the time I'm there, I tend to overhear many conversations about what's new between the staff and the regulars as they have already managed to build close relationships with loyal customers. This is a new business, just over a year old. It's always busy despite an out-of-the-way location. I myself drive two towns over whenever I can. (And I hate to drive.)

As I was leaving today, one of the owners caught me and asked if I posted about them on Facebook. He caught me off guard for a second since I just posted about my time there that morning but didn't mention the name of the place (and perhaps since I am a sucker for an accent). But then I remembered that I did post a "review" on their Facebook wall six months ago. He must have recognized me from my picture and the fact that I regularly order exactly what I mentioned in the review. He sincerely thanked me for the review and informed me that it really helped his business. I tried to convey that since good reviews are crucial to my own livelihood, I believe it's important to give them. I explained that I am a leasing consultant at an apartment community and people make the decision to move in primarily based on good online reviews. Then, I get paid enough to be able to afford to eat. I also tried to say that it was my honor to recommend the place because I loved it. I thanked him.

At my job, I frequently ask residents to post a review and they always agree, but rarely actually do. I understand that life is busy and commitments are many. Fortunately, my community still boasts an excellent overall approval rating! The cafe I mentioned has 888 likes on Facebook, but only ten reviews posted on the same webpage. People tend to rant negative comments quickly and provide glowing reviews slowly.

So, I urge you to write a review. And by review, I mean a favorable recommendation. If you are reading this blog, you certainly have time. There are so many ways to do this! Post a simple "review" on the right sidebar or I will even let you get away with a wall post on a company's Facebook page. Draft one on a website like yelp. Give one on your apartment home on Dig to the bottom of your wallet, handbag, or shopping bag for a recent receipt and then follow the instructions at the bottom to submit feedback. Usually this last one results in some sort of reward such as a coupon or entry into a drawing.

I try to give a glowing review every once in awhile and only want to commit to it more (and not only for wonderful service but also perfect product). Just before this post, I completed an online survey which included a detailed description of my shopping experience yesterday at The Limited. The associate went above and beyond, making me feel confident and the experience even more fun. Employees like this deserve recognition.

Sometimes you don't really know how beneficial to a company or individual this simple act is. At least do it once simply because I asked. Please and thank you.

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