Monday, November 4, 2013

Just Us Girls Enjoying Fall

Minnie on an overturned tree chair.

My mom, sister, family dog Minnie (who I introduced you to here) and I got out to enjoy the crisp fall weather last Monday. We walked the Red Trail at Calvert Cliffs State Park in Southern Maryland. 

This is an easy 1.8 mile walk through a wooded area, with some marshlands, that ends in a beach featuring, you guessed it, cliffs. The leaves had started to change color.

View to the left.

View to the right.

This stretch of sand is known for shark teeth and fossils which probably puts it on the map for my sister who studied archaeology in college. Instead of fossil-hunting, I took pictures, mostly of Minnie. She would pose whenever other people would walk by attempting to charm them with her cuteness. She assumes humans were put on this earth to give her attention and rub her belly. Our mutt has grown bigger than we anticipated. 

Following the walk, we picnicked before leaving. It was such a great way to enjoy the season.


  1. Looks like a great walk! And now I want to go to be able to find shark teeth. Sounds cool!

    1. It was great. It was also something different to do. That day, my sister found a fossil with a scalloped shell imprint. The beach looked picked over when we went... no shark teeth and only pieces of shells. Anyway, with good company, I recommend it.