Sunday, October 27, 2013

Style Sunday: Manicure in Manhattan

As part of my friend's girly 30th birthday trip to New York last Monday, we indulged in manicures at Fresh Spa.

Check out mine...

I chose the color "Dutch Tulips" by OPI ...and it's perfect. I can't get over how amazing they look! 

Here's a photo I found through a Google image search...

A dark pink like this is very me.

Usually my nails are simply neatly trimmed and filed, unlike my toenails which have always been polished over decades and are treated to a salon pedicure about once a season over the last couple years. I do not believe that I've had a color painted on my fingernails for years. I figure that I use my nails as tools so any lacquer would likely chip. Perfectionist that I am, perhaps I'm unsure about a color or look for them. I'm glad that I tried something different. I'm not sure that I can go back to naked nails anymore! I'll have to practice at home because I have to budget for a professional pedicure every once in a long while now!

Even though I am very work-to-live and try not to think about my job when I'm off, it's nice to point out rental application requirements (as a Leasing Consultant) with a beautifully manicured finger.

Furthermore, I feel very feminine with my nails looking so nice. I'm actively looking for ways to embrace my femininity.


  1. There is an amazing video on YouTube by Lo Bosworth on how to do your own manicure like a professional. On my phone or I would link to it. Also, I'd totally be willing to get all the stuff and make a girly night if it!

    1. I have to check it out! Thanks. I'm out of practice but tend to follow directions well. I'd totally be willing to have such a night too, sounds great!

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