Monday, October 7, 2013

Bel Far Niente

Bel far niente means "the beauty of doing nothing" in Italian.

This was one of my pins this weekend.

I had a particularly tough week at work last week, so much so that I actually didn't plan anything for this weekend. Now that I am posting more here, I did want to do something, perhaps spend time out with a friend and then write about the experience. I ended up doing not much of anything ...and it turned out to be perfect, just what I truly needed.

After work on Saturday, I walked three blocks to a nearby nail salon and indulged in a professional pedicure. My toenails are now painted OPI Red. Walking back to my place, I felt renewed already. It hit the spot. After a quick dinner, I caught up with an old friend texting that night. Having taken a sleep aid, I got some much needed rest.

I didn't get ready for my day on Sunday until the early afternoon! Usually I am ready, having flat ironed my hair and all, by 8:25 Tuesday through Saturday and around the same time or just a little bit later on my days off. I tried to push my feelings of guilt away, especially since I only sleep in a couple times a year anymore. (I happen to be an insomniac and I find that habits help. Plus, I want to look presentable enough to fully seize every single day.) Anyway, I enjoyed a scone, orange juice and espresso breakfast. I pretty much relished staying in bed or bumming about my apartment in my silky robe, reading books on my Kindle, pinning on Pinterest and spending some more time online.

Like I said, I did eventually get ready for the day and get some chores done as usual. For dinner, I took advantage of a deal at Domino's, ordered a pizza and wings (that I can divide up into three meals) and had it delivered. A friend/neighbor spontaneously dropped by and we talked for just a little bit. Since I was well rested on Sunday, I easily stayed up to almost 3 AM reading an entire book from start to finish on my Kindle. That was my second romance novel in a row that weekend. Just Like Jack followed A Taste of Romance; both quick reads interrupted my current read of the more dense book The French Twist.

Needless to say, I overslept this (Monday) morning as well. As soon as I awakened, I had my two daily cups of espresso, got ready and started doing what I needed to do, namely laundry for the week. Due to my parents' washer being repaired today, I did my wash at a laundromat and then while my clothes were drying at my mom's, watched old episodes of Boy Meets World, which I still think is a good TV show.

I am glad that I listened to my whims and took it easy this weekend. I needed to recharge. It was a thing of beauty and worth noting.

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