Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Friday was pay day, so before work (and after paying my October rent in full), I ordered a 7" Kindle Fire HD. This is a major splurge for me. I've been wanting one for many reasons. It'll be lightweight and simply fantastic for travel. Usually my shoulder aches at the end of a trip because I keep at least a book, if not a magazine too, in my handbag. It'll also be cheaper to read books on this device than to buy them. When books are new, it'll be faster to get them when the library has a long queue. I've patiently waited months for books multiple times. Even though I am very happy living without a TV these past couple of weeks (much to my mom's and boss's great disbelief), I do want to watch select TV shows and movies, and as soon as my Kindle arrives, I can. The last season of How I Met Your Mother premieres tonight! I already have a number of books to download, such as The Perfume Collector: A NovelJoie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like the FrenchThe French Twist: Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management; and Sister Mother Husband Dog by Delia Ephron to name a few off the top of my head! It would be great to have downloaded Sister Mother Husband Dog which is written by a New Yorker so I could read it on the way to Manhattan next month. I really enjoy reading and look forward to its arrival! Usually when I mention the Kindle, people tell me that they love it and it changed their lives.

Friday night, my sister and mom spontaneously asked me to go and see The Wizard of Oz in IMAX. We even had 3-D glasses. I'm not sure if I would recommend the IMAX experience on this particular film, but I enjoyed myself. I like this classic film and had forgotten all the details of the story. It was fun to do something different. I think the rest of the audience liked it too as they exploded in applause at the end. The theater was in a very charming outdoor mall that I simply haven't visited in a while as it a bit farther afield.

I took a picture of the poster they gave away with my phone.

After work Saturday, I made spaghetti and homemade meatballs for dinner. Even though I do not make them often, the meatballs turned out pretty well. They were delicious. This combination is Italian-American. Pasta would be a first course and meatballs would be part of the second in Italy. Spicy meatballs, in fact, were a specialty of the region I studied abroad in, Abruzzo.

Sunday and Monday make up my weekend. On Sunday, I had a cappuccino and chocolate croissant at my favorite coffee shop a couple towns over. They are slammed busy on Sunday mornings and so I prefer to patronize them on a more quiet Monday morning, but alas, I still haven't taken my car in anywhere and I only had my dad's vehicle late Friday night through Sunday evening. I purchased spray paint for my balcony chairs that morning as well. My neighbor S gave me a thank you gift for watering her plants while she was away. The paperweight is beautiful and I am touched.

I had my friend J over for three hours Sunday afternoon. I told her about all my research for her 30th birthday trip to New York. She is so excited. My two travel companions are not travelers (yet) so I am planning so our fun that day seems effortless. We also talked shop since we're both in property management and our lives. I learned my godson (and her oldest son) finally cut his long hair. We gabbed over a late lunch on my balcony, in beautiful fall weather. Last night, I blogged about style, a bigger post on this season's capsule wardrobe. 

I want to say that I will be finishing up my weekend watching How I Met Your Mother tonight at 8, but I think I'll have to catch it on my computer tomorrow. Perhaps over breakfast before my shift starts?

This was a pretty good low-key weekend. I did much more than the highlights I mentioned, but I'd prefer not to bore you with a play-by-play. I'm sure you guys don't wanna read about the details of my dental appointment. Even though it's been over a month, I'm still not used to having all the free time now that I'm only working one job! I am figuring it out though. I love to read and travel, so I am planning multiple books and daytrips over the next four weeks! I am also pushing myself to publish here more often. I even started this post unsure of how much I could say about my weekend highlights ...and just look at it now!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well!


  1. Magazines are also often cheaper or sometimes free on the Kindle! :-)) I take advantage of this all the time. I don't know how they decide, but every so often I'll score ELLE, Bazaar or Marie Claire for either .99 or FREE. Vogue uses their own app, as does Allure and other Conde Nast publications and I've never gotten those free, but still. :) Much better than lugging Sept or March issues on a plane!

    1. I love it already! I've read two books so far! As for magazines, I've downloaded two apps, but no issues or subscriptions yet. How do you find out certain issues are free? The locked screen? The apps? Or do you search for special offers? I am see that it's the perfect size for travel! I appreciate this comment!

  2. Hi, no problem!

    I go to the Newsstand and just browse the magazines in the Store (mainly Beauty&Fashion) from there. Then I click the magazine I want to view and check the cover and also the price. Like I said, I am not sure how they decide when they offer the deals/discounts but it happens every so often. I got a few Sept. issues for $.99. :-) I pick up some Cooking mags this way, too. I don't subscribe to any, I just buy single issues. I have the Apps for Vogue and Allure, but have never come across any discounted price for those.
    (btw I have the 'old' original Kindle Fire, not HD)
    Anyway, glad I could help. I've learned a lot of nice tips from your blog. :)