Friday, September 27, 2013

Things To Do: Summer 2013: Final Update

This was my list of very summery things I wanted to do this year and how I did actually accomplishing them...

1. mix up a batch of margaritas and toast summer 
I actually didn't toast with friends, but did sporadically make a margarita and sip it with dinner, complete with lime garnish on a proper glass. I remember raising my glass to the season with the first batch and posting 'here's to summer!' on facebook.

2. date as much as possible
Chris made my summer. I listed our date activites in the first paragraph of this post.

3. savor gelato
I didn't go out for gelato, but enjoyed this and that flavor of Haagen Dazs in.

4. stroll down Main Street in Annapolis, Maryland 
Have to do this during the fall! Who's coming with me?

5. grill kabobs and dine alfresco
Check out my first time making kebabs here.

6. entertain fabulously at home
I entertain frequently and enjoy playing hostess. In particular, I love dining al fresco on my balcony.

Kate from Une Vie Chic snapped this picture during June.

7. have a picnic
Read about my lovely picnic (and see the spread) here.

8. rock a skirt or dress often
I did dress up alittle more than usual. Comfortable working in pants, I even wore a skirt on the job a couple of times. I intended to embrace my femininity even more than I did though...

9. purchase fresh produce at the farmer's market
I went to a nearby farmstand a couple of times. The first paragraph of this update documented the first visit.

10. explore a new place
I suppose Chris and I liked our hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. With it's great happy hour outdoors, it's a place I would stay at again. I'm a bit disappointed that I am unable to name a new town or city though...

Cherry Limeade Beverage from Hotel Happy Hour

11. stay out late
Even though I usually get in late many summer nights, I just didn't this year... Still had a good time!

12. celebrate Ferragosto on August 15th
See how I celebrated this Italian holiday here.

Working two jobs, I tried my best to have a fantastic summer. I believe you should work hard and play hard. Summers are meant to be lazy. Who cares if I didn't cross every single thing off my list?

I am really looking forward to this fall. I tend to travel more (comfortably and) often during the cooler seasons of spring and fall. Like I said in this post, I love to wear layers, topped with a bright warm-hued scarf, during autumn. In addition, I was so excited for the premiere of How I Met Your Mother and am looking forward to more! Even though school no longer starts at this time of year for me, I hope I experience other exciting new beginnings! 

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