Sunday, September 15, 2013

Style Sunday: Striped Shirt

I'm gonna go ahead and post this bonus Style Sunday post today and not save it for next Sunday because that particular day next week (Sunday, September 22nd) is the first day of fall and I plan to post about my fall capsule wardrobe on that day. (It would be nice to, so that's the plan!)

I've written about the classic striped shirt before here. Back in that post, I posted about my navy one with white stripes. Recently inspired by my style icon the Duchess of Cambridge in her striped shirt, I have my eye on another one: this white one with skinny black stripes from Target...

I haven't seen it in person yet since my size is reportedly out of stock at the Target a block away, so I will still need to try it on. I hope it works out since I wear black more than navy. If not, the search is on! If I purchase a new striped shirt, I'd like to wear it with a blazer (or possibly trench or cardigan), scarf, jeans and ballet flats during the fall.


I feel like the blazer (or belted jacket or trench) would take away from its movement, of it reading across and flat, and furthermore the completer piece's tailoring would come in at the waist and thus give me a feminine silhouette. I do want to rock this classic piece, but don't want to look fat or have it be unflattering. I believe that I can make it work well for me using layers.

Soon after seeing Kate's picture and needing a "cover photo" for my personal facebook page now that I have "facebook home" (which is like a rolling screensaver of status updates on top of either the post's picture or the user's cover photo) on my new smartphone, the HTC first, I selected this one...

I like that it's an anonymous and casual photo of a brunette (like me) wearing this classic top 
and love that she's carrying a bouquet of pale pink roses outdoors.

I also made it my desktop background on my netbook.

Sailor stripes also make me think of the movie Coco Before Chanel right now, which I just watched again last night. In this foreign film, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel witnesses fisherman on the beach in Deauville bringing in their catch while wearing them and then wears one with a belt herself in like the next scene. I love Coco Chanel...

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