Sunday, September 15, 2013

Style Sunday: Poppy Pasta Bowl

I've wanted a pasta bowl for awhile and picked up this one from HomeGoods today...

The 10 1/2" wide white bowl has a drawn and painted poppy.

I think it'll be a nice size for dinner parties of four.

Considering I like to entertain and have transformed my linen closet into entertaining supplies storage, full of glasses designed for different kinds of drinks, I actually don't own a lot of large bowls and platters intended for serving. Not that I want to own a lot of anything, but this piece will add to my collection nicely. At only $7, I simply couldn't pass it up.

I walked into the store looking for one of those Deruta-style bowls. They had a few of those in other shapes, not a pasta bowl this visit. There was also a novelty one, white with black type on the wide rim reading "Pasta bilities" too, but unless it read "Buon Appetito!" that's not me either. One can easily picture rolling Tuscan hills full of crimson poppies with a terra-cotta roofed villa in the distance, so, it's Italian! With plenty of red in my kitchen, I feel like this one fits me best. 

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