Sunday, September 29, 2013

Style Sunday: A Glass Vase of Gladioli

I love gladioli; these flowers remind me of my paternal grandmother who lives in Delaware. She used to grow all different colors of them on the first row of her old farm in front of the corn and also lining one side of the house. I would love to take some home after a visit during summertime.

I have a couple of old pictures featuring them. One is me in between my brother and sister. I'm holding my sister's hand and the three of us are smiling, squinting and standing in front of two long rows of them, a row of what look like pansies closest to the lane. The stalks of beautiful blooms and slender leaves are as tall as we were. All of us are pretty young. There's blue printing on the back of the photo, it reads "Aug 90 H" so I'm thinking it was developed during August 1990. If it was taken the same summer, then I was 6, my brother 4 and my sister turning 2 in September. My siblings are cute. Unfortunately, I am the fashion tragedy... I am wearing a short white tank top with cross-hatching in several different pastel colors, with my skinny stomach exposed above lavender elastic-waist shorts. I also have lavender socks scrunched down and white sneakers. My long  brown naturally wavy/curly hair is somewhat gathered in a ponytail on the right side of my head, thick bangs too, which curl so they don't reach my eyebrows. Another photo taken the same day is just of me next a red and a pink stalk, lots of taller cornstalks in the background. I'm smiling wide, with wide gaps in between my upper teeth. You can see that my ponytail is in a pale yellow band. At least, my outfit is completely color-coordinated.

Anyway, here's a detail of my recent purchases, white blooms with subtle pink and yellow accents...

I've purchased three white stalks which were more expensive than the tall clear glass vase with a single wide white brushstroke up and down that I scored on clearance at Target. I've cut two so that they're different heights.

I've set this beautiful bouquet on my desk.

I'll have to fill the vase with real ones next summer.

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