Monday, September 30, 2013

My Monday

My mom picked me up from my apartment so I could do laundry and spray paint my balcony chairs at my parents' place. While my first load of laundry was in, my mom and I walked the family dog, Minnie, a couple miles on a bike path my mom raves about. And my two green metal chairs are now painted "Dark Walnut" which is a brownish black and look awesome! They are currently drying over there and I look forward to returning them to my balcony in a day or two. I'm sure you'll see them in an upcoming "Style Sunday" post. She also treated my brother, me and herself to a fast food lunch.

Speaking of food, I prepared pesto for the first time this evening. I mixed this fresh homemade classic sauce with farfalle for dinner.

It turned out well. I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow! I basically halved the recipe from the cookbook the glorious PASTA OF ITALY by Domenica Marchetti. The author's mother is from Abruzzo, the region I studied abroad in, so I know the towns she mentions. I love her other cookbook Big Night In as well. Since I do not own a food processor, I used my blender. I grew the basil myself, from a plant Kate from Une Vie Chic gave me. I love having another recipe under my belt.

This is my 17th post this month, which is a record! I'm trying to post more often and I'm happy with the result.

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