Sunday, September 29, 2013


Stealing this idea from Ginna's post on her blog my pretty pennies.

Liking the mom in How I Met Your Mother too!

Eating leftover penne pasta with tomato basil sauce.

Sipping a glass of Chianti with lunch!

Reading Blossoming in Provence from the author who wrote Words in a French Life.

Recommending my last book The Perfume Collector: A Novel.

Loving my new Kindle!

Anticipating another book that I'm next in line for at the library.

Waiting until my next paycheck to purchase this striped tee and a heeled pair of tall black boots.


Dreaming of my 30th birthday in Paris.

Relaxing on my Sunday-Monday weekend.

Delighting in the large cappuccino in a mug and the chocolate croissant at my favorite coffee shop this morning.

Cherishing the Italian feast celebrating my sister and grandfather's September birthdays yesterday evening.

Relishing that my bruschetta disappeared quickly at that family dinner.

Planning how to spend my last vacation days of the year earned at work and scheduled during October.

Hoping my move to Philadelphia is a definite soon.

Crushing on the cutest prospective resident I took on a tour at 4 on Saturday.

Procrastinating on spray painting my green balcony chairs walnut (brownish black).

Wishing my friend F a very happy birthday today!

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