Saturday, August 17, 2013

Things To Do: Summer 2013 Edition: Update

On Thursday, August 15th, to further celebrate Ferragosto, I did another thing on my summer bucket list...

5. grill kabobs and dine al fresco

This is the first time that I prepared these beef kabobs...

This dinner is easy. First, I made a marinade of vegetable oil, say sauce, Worchestershire sauce, mustard, freshly-ground pepper and minced garlic. I stored beef pieces in this marinade inside a ziploc bag for several hours in the refrigerator. Also, I soaked wooden skewers in water for awhile (so they don't catch on fire). Next, I cut up red and green peppers as well as a white onion. Then, I put five kabobs together. Because I'm concerned about the beef being done, I actually grilled the skewers for 25 minutes on a grill pan on top of my stove. Finally, I served the kabobs with some white rice. ...and a glass of red wine of course. They were delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and look forward to the leftovers! I can see making kabobs regularly and experimenting with different foods.

I actually dined indoors Thursday, but I did enjoy breakfast on my balcony that day. Maybe next time I make kabobs, I will dine al fresco.

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