Monday, July 22, 2013

Things To Do: Summer 2013 Edition: Update + Announcements

Today, I accomplished another item on my summer bucket list...

9. purchase fresh produce at the farmer's market

I only picked up a few things because I'm on a budget. At a long-running farm stand about five stoplights from my place, I purchased a pint of tomatoes, a red pepper and a zucchini/green squash. It was a pleasant buying experience. I am disappointed that I haven't had a red red tomato yet this season. The red pepper has wonderful color though. Last week, I had to buy two zucchini at the grocery store because they were so small; this one is huge. I'm sure this produce will be delicious! I suppose I'll saut√© the pepper and squash to go with pasta. Tomatoes are designated for bruschetta

I wrote that I am ready for a big life change in this post. Since, I have applied to three more jobs, all of them in Philadelphia. I also tendered my resignation to my part-time job first thing this morning. My last day is Sunday, August 11th. I am so done working seven days a week; a year of that is enough. I don't believe it's sunk in that I get Sunday and Monday off each week, two days off a week instead of a month! I can do whatever I want! I hope this further commits me in trying to return to Philadelphia. I can now schedule in-person interviews. Come on, Philly, show me some brotherly love! 

Like an Italian, I am going to take a break during August. A blogging break, in fact. This post will be my last until my 300th post on italiagal's 3rd anniversary which is August 16th. I hope you will come back for that special post which will feature an amazing giveaway!

Enjoy your summer!


  1. I'm not sure I could buy just 1 zucchini at our farmers market. They always have them in pint or quart baskets. You lasted a long time at your part time job, having so little time off. It will be a big change for you now! Good luck with your job hunting in Philly, and enjoy your blogging break!

    1. That zucchini and red pepper in my pasta specialty were truly delicious! Quite the difference! I'll have to go back! I will have to be even more frugal soon, but I'll possibly return for the flowers too!

      It's been a calendar year of working so much. It's probably not the best financial decision I've ever made but it'll be soo great to have days off. And not for my feet to be in such pain from working so long every Sunday. I've only had July 1st, 2nd and 4th off this whole month and two of them were requested vacation days! I just can't wait to have like a weekend every single week! :)

      Thank you, I also get time to apply at all the places I can in Philadelphia! Hopefully I land a job lucrative enough to make my birthday in Paris dream happen.

      Enjoy your summer, Jacqui.