Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things To Do: Summer 2013 Edition: Update

I would like to check another item off my summer bucket list (that can be found in its entirety here)...

2. date as much as possible

Skeeball on the Boardwalk in Ocean City

I know the summer isn't over and I have over six weeks prior to Labor Day to date even more, but I recently experienced a break-up and need some time. Anyway, I did date a gentleman named Chris often. We dated for about a month and saw each other every few days. Our date activities included dining out, bowling, dining al fresco on my balcony, watching a movie, going on a picnic, having breakfast out, and traveling. Our trip was celebrating his 30th birthday in Ocean City, Maryland. The quantity of these dates was just as beautiful as the quality. All these dates were really fun. I have amazing memories of our time together. Plus, he gave me the attention I've desired for awhile. He was simply wonderful to me.

Following the break-up, I would like to genuinely thank my mom, my boss, and most of all, my friend E who helped me through the first 24 hours or so when I was sad. E was truly there for me, in person. I know I thanked you profusely already, E, but, again, grazie. Plus, thanks to the grocery store Giant for having Edy's delicious Cookie Dough ice cream on such a sale. This is excellent break-up food! With this help, along with my own strength and optimism, I woke up this morning feeling okay. I truly have the most amazing people in my life, who I can lean on when needed. I am so very grateful.

Bringing it back to my actual post topic, I am also very grateful for dating so often. And having dates with such a nice guy who treated me well and I liked and had fun with. This particular experience made my summer.


  1. Okay, G's schedule has been crap, so I've been a zombie for the last week and just read this. Hope things are okay. We should get together for drinks soon, go out to a bar and relax. :-)

    1. Things are okay. No worries. I would love to go out for drinks, in celebration of summer/ the present and not the past though.