Friday, July 5, 2013

Things To Do: Summer 2013 Edition: Update

I checked the following item off my summer bucket list (that can be found in its entirety here)...

7. have a picnic

Back on June 20th, the guy I'm dating Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed a picnic for dinner at Lake Waterford Park in Pasadena, Maryland. We decided on a spot in a wooded area near the playground, pavilions and picnic tables. I wished it was alittle more green. Only arriving an hour before the park closed, I didn't have a chance to show him the lake. Here's a picture before we dove in...

Dinner: baguette, cheddar and provolone cheeses, proscuitto, grape tomatoes, pasta salad and pretzels
Drink: Caffeine-Free Coke, water and my favorite Italian beverage inside the thermos
Dessert: chocolate chip cookies I baked and strawberries
All on top of my twin-sized comforter from college
The food was delicious; the setting was nice and the experience was fun. We really enjoyed ourselves. I highly recommend having a picnic this summer. In fact, I might have to do this once more this season myself!

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