Sunday, July 14, 2013

Style Sunday: Minor yet Refreshing Style Updates

I've done some minor style updates and beauty treatments recently.

Since one of my extras in my summer capsule wardrobe, a black scoop neck tee had a hole in it, I tossed it and replaced it with an older black v-neck tee from Ann Taylor Loft Outlet I had in my reserves. I also added two scoop neck tees, one in white and the other in a summery blue, both were recent purchases from Ann Taylor Factory Store. Now that I have six tees, I feel that that's a good number based on my laundry schedule. You live and you learn. In addition, picking one up from Target, I replaced my everyday belt.

I got a haircut last night, a pretty good one. It was simply a trim off my ends and long layers. Since it had been ten weeks since my last cut and while the stylist commented that my ends looked good, it was longer than usual, so now, I feel more polished and more like me. This morning, I applied my hair mask (from Pantene), so it's soft and my fingers can run through my hair easily. I also treated myself to a professional pedicure last night. I brought my own color in, my favorite, California Raspberry by OPI. 

With these updates and treatments and services, I feel pulled together.

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