Sunday, June 30, 2013

Style Sunday: String Lights on my Balcony

I entertain on my balcony as much as I can. I love dining alfresco with a dinner date. As a hostess, I hope to create a nice ambience. My friend Kate (the blogger behind Une Vie Chic) snapped this photo from the Saturday night before last...

We ended the evening with (decaffeinated) espresso.
Also Milano cookies and strawberries.
Cheap white votive candle in an antique clear punch glass on the right.
Emptied red wine glasses!
On handmade placemats by my friend F.
That red geranium always seems wildly in bloom!

The string lights draping twice across the front of my balcony railing are clear spherical glass globe lights from Target. I love them. I think of them as Italian outdoor lights, but I believe Kate referred to them as "cafe lights." I can picture them strung across an open space for an outdoor party or hanging from a leafy pergola for a meal at the table.

I switch them out every once in awhile with my string that remind me of carnevale because of the iridescent quality like the carnival antique glassware my mom sells and they're very similar to ones depicted in cover art of a book- an anthology of travel narratives on Italy. Behind the lights in the photograph is a canal in Venice.

Stumbled across these lights of mine in a slideshow from Real Simple,
which inspired this post.

Here's a closeup...

Available at Target.
I bought them years ago, before they were part of the line Threshold.

I probably only have a couple of strings of both. I should purchase more and hang them all over my beloved balcony! I certainly use them.


  1. Michelle, your balcony looks so inviting! What a wonderful spot to while away summer evenings. You really are creating a lovely home, both inside and out!

    1. Thank you so much!

      I also unwind just after five o'clock out there-- sipping a glass of red wine, reading through my blogroll and playing around on Pinterest. I love it.

  2. I love those lights, and have been considering getting some since! Those colorful ones look awesome as well!

    1. The colorful ones look festive up. It looks like Target still carries them. I wonder if they carry those clear glass globes...