Sunday, June 23, 2013

Style Sunday: Recent Style Pins

From my Style: Clothing + Accessories Pinterest Board...

From my Home Decor Pinterest board...


  1. I usually like your style pics, but this bedroom armoire ... well the practical side of me keeps thinking of having to keep those mirrors clean!!! But I could totally go for a chandelier like that in the bedroom.

    1. The chandelier is my favorite part too. I do like it overall, but this room is alittle too romantic for my taste. I love furniture such as that armoire, it's an adult purchase and I've wanted to be grown-up. I like the idea of smaller mirrored piece... The tufted headboard which is reflected isn't me either; I prefer a metal bed with scrllwork. I also appreciate the older, traditional details.

      This is what a lazy summer post looks like! I'll try to write more soon! Thanks for the comment.