Sunday, April 21, 2013

Style Sunday: Shopping Spree

I am delighted to share the pieces I scored on my birthday shopping spree. All are from Ann Taylor Factory Store.

The same top in cobalt (not turquoise) and black.
Note the lovely scalloped design on the sheer part.
Very flattering, the shoulder comes out a bit, balancing out my hip on my hourglass figure nicely.
I found them on the clearance racks.

A refined ivory and blue print pencil skirt and a blue shirt to go with it.
While I do have muscular thighs, the print seems to help create a long and lean line.
The ruffles on the top are so not my style but they do balance my hips...

Another shot of my beautiful skirt.

A white eyelet A-line skirt, which is so flattering.
I cannot wait to wear it on dates!
Any color top would go, but I prefer a black top
with bright or metallic accessories.

Skirt detail.
What's more perfect for summer than white eyelet?

Two scoop neck tees in black and white
plus a pair of black bootcut pants that are already hemmed to perfection for my ballet flats.
The pants were off the clearance racks too.
I like rich neutrals like black and white (or chocolate brown) 
that I can pair with pops of color in the form of accessories.
Very few pastels or even medium tones for me.

I should wear skirts and dresses even more now and embrace my femininity.


  1. Since I got to see these all tried on last night I can definitely vouch that you chose clothes perfectly! I still think that eyelet skirt is the perfect shape for you, and come fall perhaps look for a rich chocolate brown one to add in?

    1. Thank you! I do tend to know what looks good... Everyone who sees the eyelet skirt on me claims it's their favorite for me too. I just love it and can't wait to wear it on a date!

  2. Great birthday shopping! I like the white skirt and the two blue shirts. Good additions to your wardrobe.

  3. Great pieces, I especially love the white eyelet skirt! :) Very Roman summer. ;-) With a black top and pops of either red or, instead, maybe turquoise (or metallics as you noted) it will look great!

    1. Thank you. It's everyone's favorite. I love turquoise for summer too...