Sunday, April 14, 2013

Style Sunday: Ankle Pants and Dining Cushions

Back in this post, I expressed my curiosity with ankle pants. I tried them on Monday morning and liked enough to purchase a pair of black dressy ones from New York & Company.

I do have muscular legs, but the silhouette isn't bad... even in the slim style. For being average height, my legs are on the shorter side, so I have to make these work for me. While picking up my winter coat at my dry cleaner/tailor's tomorrow, I will ask for her to take them up a bit so they hit me just above my ankle instead of at my ankle, nearly gracing my feet. Generally, the length is versatile for any shoe. I was wearing my black leather ballet flats (with a very small heel) in the dressing room and they paired nicely. ...and I like a pointed-toe pump even better. I will have to try on more tops with them to decide what looks best. Overall, I feel a bit trendy and polished yet comfortable and casual in my ankle pants.

I showed you my new balcony chairs in my last Style Sunday post. Tuesday night, I wandered onto the Pier 1 Imports website and found these cushions...

I adore the quatrefoil and this similiar Moorish pattern. My living room rug and bedroom duvet both feature this particular design. I wonder how this lattice print would look on my floral chairs and how the square cushion would look on my round seats... Plus, I love the colors. Very bright and fun for enjoyable evenings on my balcony. I should check them out in store...


  1. Glad you found ankle pants you like, and I love the colour of those chair pads.

    Whether square cushions would fit on round chairs, well I guess it depends on how much hangs over the edge of the chair. Knowing my luck, I'd sit on the cushion and miss the chair! ;) As I type this I think I'd look for other round cushions. Shame, because they are beautiful!

    I seem to recall in an earlier post you saying that your birthday is April 15th. Is that right? If so, I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying your 4 days off.

    1. I'm going to refinish the chairs before I purchase any cushions. (I do have a friend who's very creative... I've asked her for small placemats for my non-standard size dining table and her gifts are among my favorite possessions. Perhaps I can ask for a couple of cushions...) Anyway, I still am leaning towards painnting them brownish black, but haven't ruled out a bold color... Maybe watermelon pink for summer?

      Today is my birthday. I just posted how I celebrated and the fact that I intend to continue! As an Italian (at heart), I am enjoying my time off. Thank you so much for your comment and wishes. I love when readers comment. I hope you are thoroughly savoring spring.