Monday, April 15, 2013

My Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday and I had a such a great day!

I started the day reading a book and enjoying a cappuccino and chocolate pastry at my favorite coffee shop. I followed this up with an even more relaxing experience, a professional pedicure. It turned out really well with my favorite nail lacquer, OPI California Raspberry. Next, I enjoyed a picnic/antipasti lunch at home, complete with tomatoes, cheese, proscuitto, bread, olive oil and a glass of Chianti. The tomatoes were delicious for it being mid-April...

My afternoon was low key and I continued to relax, so very content, until I was shook up with the news about the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I celebrated my birthday in Boston just last year. (Read all about it here.) I explored the city that I'd been wanting to visit for years the weekend before the race on Monday, April 16, 2012. Back then, I remember thinking that I wouldn't mind celebrating another birthday in Boston. My friends and I enjoyed lovely weather, spring events started that very weekend, and the Boston Marathon (also known as Patriot Day there) was such a positive event. We saw many runners from all over. Crowds everywhere too. I wish to express my sincerest sympathies to all those directly affected, their families, their loved ones ...even those who were not able to finish the race, fulfill that dream. This violence saddens me.

Anyway, I prepared my pasta specialty (penne pasta in tomato sauce with assorted sauteed vegetables) for dinner, which was accompanied by more antipasti and red wine. After cleaning up, my friend B called and we caught up. A couple girlfriends briefly came over and we enjoyed some birthday cake while watching my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother. The episode even had a major Italy reference. I love cake and it was so delicious, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.

I want to thank all of those who wished me a happy birthday. I was sent wishes throughout the day through so many ways person, by facebook message or wall post, by text, by email, by blog comment, by phone, by mail. From friends near and far (Greece; Italy; Portland, OR;...). Even though I spent much of my special day, a workday Monday, alone, I feel loved.

With the day being a bit gloomy in drizzle and cloudy skies and in the terror event, I've decided to officially extend my birthday through tomorrow. Tomorrow's weather forecast is like 76 degrees and sunny. Plus, the celebrations continue! I have plans for a small shopping spree and a lunch out with my mom during the day and a wine tasting and dinner at an Italian restaurant with my friend E during the evening. Before all that, I'll do some laundry at my parents' while meeting and bonding with their new puppy, a terrier/beagle mix named Minnie. I love dogs.

I will continue to update on my now-extended birthday and the rest of my vacation. Also, stay tuned to find out the big birthday gift I gave to myself...


  1. Happy Birthday, Michelle! That sounds like a lovely and relaxing day! You deserve it with all the hours you work at your jobs. And continuing the celebrations tomorrow is a most excellent idea!

    It's unbelievably sad what happened in Boston. We are going there in May for a long weekend, it's a place I've also wanted to go for a long time.

    Will you post a picture of your parents puppy? I love dogs but my husband doesn't want to have one, so I try to get my "fix" through others! ;)

    1. Thank you, Jacqui!

      I'm excited for your upcoming trip to Boston as I loved the city. Have a gelato in Caffe Vittoria for me!

      Your wish has been granted! Check out my next post for a picture of the puppy!