Monday, April 22, 2013

Fresh Flowers: A Gift from a Friend

I had Kate from Une Vie Chic over on Saturday night and she gave me a bouquet of flowers.

Aren't they beautiful? I love them. I think she was a tiny bit disappointed that I already had my pink and white tulip arrangement in my apartment, but I told her that it shows that her gift is perfect as I adore fresh flowers and to have that beauty in my home. The more the merrier! Thank you, Kate!

I must start getting ready for work right now, but I want to hint that my upcoming blog posts will be about: my evening with Kate, not seeing the cherry blossoms in DC with her too, an update about my membership, my spring capsule wardrobe, book reviews, and if I ever get around to it, a post about what motivates me to keep my home tidy. 


  1. They are beautiful, and you can never have too many fresh flowers in the house. :) Nice that you and Kate spent some time together.

    1. Thank you and I agree! It was fun and I'll be sure to post a bit about our time together. It's so wonderful that I even get to meet fellow bloggers, let alone become such good friends! :)