Monday, April 1, 2013

Discovering a New Place

I've been in search of a independently-owned local coffee shop lately ...and I'm excited (and a bit wired) to report that I found it today! It turns out that I only have Starbucks and Panera locations in my town. So, I did a quick search on yelp one day a couple of weeks ago and printed the address of a local place ...although not so local, two towns away! It's a 17-minute commute door-to-door. One small segment of the way is 50 mph, but the majority is 30 and 40. It's a pretty pleasant drive though.

This coffee shop has a nice ambiance. It's skinny with two long rows of square wooden tables and their chairs, one row regular dining table height, the other bistro height. One wall is brick and the other behind the counter is a deep red with the menu on chalkboards. One corner of the front wall had photos tacked around the handwritten question, "Where have you been?" The guy working there was very nice. To top it all off, my large cappuccino and chocolate croissant were delicious!

"In a ceramic cup?"
"Yes, please!"

I will definitely patronize this place regularly. Perhaps every Monday morning? Including the Monday morning of my upcoming birthday!

(If we know each other and you want to learn the name of this place, feel free to ask me privately.)


  1. How lucky that you managed to find such a place! Sadly I can't think of anything similar in my area, it's all chain coffee shops.

    1. I do like Panera, but am thrilled to find an independently-owned spot. I wouldn't have found it if it weren't for searching on yelp. Maybe you should try that.